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The mission of the Wellness Committee is to develop and implement strategies to enhance the quality of the life of ARTA’s members.

The wellness committee seeks to provide a forum for stakeholder groups to address, coordinate and evaluate wellness activities; coordinate the identification of needs related to wellness for ARTA’s members; coordinate and facilitate an action plan to address current wellness needs as identified; and provide a system for communicating, maintaining and promoting wellness activities within ARTA.

Body Composition Clinics

The ARTA Wellness Committee is pleased to provide information and support for body composition clinics hosted by ARTA branches. Have a look at the document below for more information on body composition clinics.


Ron Thompson

Vice President - Committee Member

Marilyn Bossert

Committee Member

Ingrid Neitsch

Committee Member

Bev Mallett

Committee Member

Shirley Strembitsky

Executive Director & CAO

Daniel Mulloy