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Juanita Knight

Juanita Knight, currently ARTA’s President, is dedicated to ensuring Alberta’s retired teachers and seniors are able to live an active and vibrant lifestyle.

Marilyn Bossert
Vice President

Marilyn Bossert, currently ARTA’s vice president, came to ARTA as president of CERTA (Vermilion) 6 years ago. She has fulfilled one term on the Communications & Technology Committee and has been a regular columnist for news&views since 2009.

Gordon Cumming
Past President

Gordon Cumming has been actively involved in ARTA for the past ten years.  An executive member of the Calgary Retired Teachers’ Association, he currently chairs their annual “Steppin’ Out” Conference.  He is deeply committed to the collective welfare of our members and enabling a strong voice for ARTA in the wider community.

Daniel Mulloy
Chief Administrative Officer & Executive Director

Daniel is the CAO & Executive Director of an association that is enjoying steady growth and is striving to achieve is goals in the areas of member’s services, advocacy and wellness. Daniel has a Bachelor of Arts degree and a professional background in finance, strategic planning, management, and performance measurement. Daniel has been with ARTA since 2012.

Dolaine Koch

Dolaine Koch attended the 2012 AGM as a Branch Pension Representative and was elected to ARTA’s Health Benefits Committee in the fall of 2012. She remains active in the SCRTA Branch as the Treasurer.  Dolaine is very interested in working with people who want the best for our seniors. She was elected Treasurer of ARTA at the 2015 AGM.