Seniors’ Issues for the 2019 Federal Election

ACER-CART, the national voice of retired teachers, is committed to promoting healthy, active and dignified retirement living for retired teachers and Canadian seniors.

In anticipation of the 2019 Federal Election, ACER-CART joined with eight other Seniors organizations as “Vibrant Voices” to develop the brochure entitled Seniors’ Issues for the 2019 Federal Election. 

The information compiled is meant to assist voters to assess the positions of each of the political parties.  Each of the four issues in the brochure is accompanied by a description of the issue, advantages for Canadian seniors, and questions that could be asked of the candidates.

ACER-CART President Bill Berryman recommends focusing on your choice of an issue or two and using them in conversation with the candidates in your area.

Seniors are known to vote; let’s continue with that trend.