Donating online is tax-deductible, fast, easy, secure, and always confidential.

All funds are processed to ARTCF through CanadaHelps. Thank you for your gift and investment into the future of seniors.

Donations of $500 or greater will also be recognized on the donor wall with a decorative tile at the ARTA office. Please contact the ARTCF office for more information if this is something you are interested in.

Legacy Giving

Interested in leaving a legacy that will enrich the lives of seniors in Alberta? Consider committing to an act of Legacy Giving by naming ARTCF as a beneficiary in your will.

Legacy Giving doesn’t reduce the overall amount you leave for your next of kin. Instead, it allows you to redirect money that would otherwise be given over to estate taxes, and you can ensure the money goes to a worthy cause of your own choosing.

If Legacy Giving interests you, consult a legal adviser about the best way to incorporate it into your will, and know that your generous gift will leave a lasting mark on this province for generations to come.