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Your ARTA Membership Card


All members of ARTA are issued a membership card. A second card is supplied to members who subscribe to the ARTA Retiree Benefits Plan. Each of these cards has important features that you should be familiar with.

The ARTA Membership Card contains three important pieces of information.

  • Your membership number.
  • Type. This is your membership category and is mostly just for office use. The different types of cards are: ARTA Membership, Honourary Membership and Life Membership.
  • Expiry Date. This is your membership expiry date. If you are in doubt as to when your membership renewal is due, it is this date. Each time you renew your membership, you will receive a new membership card. That new card will have a new expiry date.

Your ARTA Retiree Benefits ID Card

Provide this card to your health care professionals such as your dentist and pharmacist.
Manage your Retiree Benefits by using the seven-digit identification number to access the ‘ARTA Members Health Care Account’ at Notice that this is a different number from your membership number.
If your extended health care coverage includes travel, make sure to take this card with you on all trips. You will require this card in the case of any emergency while you travel.
All emergency travel numbers are on the back of this card.

Your New Emergency Travel Assistance Contact Card (Effective Nov 1st)

In the event of a medical emergency outside of your province of residence please call Allianz Global Assistance at the applicable number on this card. Be prepared to quote your ARTA Retiree Benefits Plan coverage ID number as it appears on the front of your current Benefits ID Card.

Emergency Travel Numbers

Toll-free in Canada/US:
From any other country, call collect:

Please note that an international dialling prefix may be required, if you are calling outside of Canada or the U.S.

Your Edvantage Membership Card


Use the information on the Edvantage membership card to sign on to the Edvantage website and view exclusive offers for ARTA members from participating businesses.

Present the card with that number to program partner outlets for discounts and special offers.