Affinity Program

April 10, 2017: We are always looking for opportunities to add value to the ARTA membership. The ARTA Affinity Program was developed to meet the interests and needs of the ARTA members, and to provide our members with opportunities and discounts through partner agreements and programs unique to ARTA.

While the Affinity program has been successful in the provision of offers within Alberta, we are pleased to announce that we have secured a partnership with Edvantage in order to elevate the available offerings.

Edvantage is responsible for a similar program targeting education employees and their families throughout the province of Ontario. By partnering together specifically for the reward and discount program, we dramatically increase our membership base, allowing us to secure better offers from businesses operating nationally.

Between April 10 and May 12, ARTA is mailing out an Edvantage membership card to every active ARTA member. This Edvantage card can be used to log onto the Edvantage website to view available discounts, and can be shown at participating businesses when redeeming an offer. If you have not received a letter by Friday, May 19th, please contact the ARTA office and speak to Amanda Shaw.

This Edvantage card does NOT replace your ARTA membership card or your ARTA benefits card; it is solely for identification when using discounts through the Edvantage program. For details on your different ARTA cards, please click here.

Over the next several months, we will be working with Edvantage to review all Affinity program businesses and curate the best discount program possible for ARTA members. As members are confirmed, they will be removed from the Affinity Program website and added to the Edvantage program website.

In the interim, you will have access to the current offers available through the Affinity program in addition to the current offers available through the Edvantage program.

Would you like access to all of the benefits of the Affinity Program?

For the Affinity Program, click here and login with your 5-digit ARTA ID.

For the Edvantage Program, click here and browse the participating businesses. To view the offer, login with your last name and Edvantage number from your Edvantage card.