Announcing Self-Administration of the ARTA Retiree Benefits Plan

Effective January 1, 2021, ARTA will be self-administering its Retiree Benefits Plan. With regulatory changes to Health & Welfare Trusts being introduced by the federal government, the opportunity has presented itself for ARTA to self-administer its Retiree Benefits Plan. Historically, ARTA has contracted a third-party benefits administrator (currently ASEBP) to do this on our behalf.

So what does this mean for you?

ARTA will now be a one-stop shop for ARTA members. ARTA will not only manage ARTA membership, but will also administer the Retiree Benefits Plan – withdrawing premiums and working directly with our claims adjudicator to review and reimburse eligible health and dental claims. All of your calls, emails, and mail will go to one location and be responded to by one team of ARTA staff. Communications and processes will be streamlined, as everything will now go through ARTA, and you will no longer need to contact ASEBP.

By self-administering the Retiree Benefits Plan, ARTA will be able to utilize funds budgeted for third party administration fees and reinvest it back into the plan. This will also allow us to make significant improvements to the way the Plan is administered, including the capabilities for online claim submissions and a smartphone app.

What does this mean for ARTA?

Over the next several months, there will be significant changes at the ARTA office as we prepare for self-administration. This includes a larger office space, new staff, new systems, and new processes. You will receive monthly updates – through news&views magazine, ARTAfacts, and direct mail – with relevant information as you need it. This is a complex change and it is imperative that you read each piece to ensure you are fully informed and prepared for a smooth transition.

The ARTA Board of Directors, Officers and staff are excited for this opportunity to better serve our membership and strengthen the sustainability of the organization. We look forward to continuing to provide our members with one of the best Retiree Benefits Plans in the country.

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