In addition to the ARTA Benefit Plan, what other programs are available to me as an ARTA member?
  • The Boom discount program which offers discounts with a large number of businesses and services
  • ARTA news&views magazine
  • ARTAfacts email newsletter
  • Scholarships for family members
  • Access to special rates from ARTA’s home and auto insurance partner, TW Insurance
  • Access to a Life Insurance plan specifically for ARTA members


What is ARTA’s fiscal year for membership?

ARTA’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. Prior to your Education Sector membership expiring, ARTA will send out a notice of renewal for fees. Members enrolled on the Benefit Plan pay their membership fees monthly with their monthly premiums, so ARTA will automatically renew their membership for the next fiscal year.

How do I change my contact information with ARTA?

Update it in your MyARTA account, or call the ARTA head office toll-free at 1-855-444-2782 (toll-free).

Is there one card for everything related to ARTA?

As of January 1, 2021, you will have one card that is both your ARTA Membership card and your ARTA Benefits ID card.

Use your ARTA Membership card when speaking with staff in the ARTA office or with partners of ARTA (e.g. TW Insurance Brokers), as well as to access your benefits coverage. The ARTA Member ID card has your Benefit ID number which should be provided to your pharmacist and other health care professionals. Use this card when submitting your claims, when speaking with an ARTA Staff member.

The 5-digit ARTA member number is used to access your MyARTA Account, as well as to activate your Boom discount program account.

Note: If you are covered under either the Total Health or Ultimate Health benefits plan and you have a medical emergency while travelling, the travel emergency medical contact numbers are on the back of your ARTA Member ID card.

Can ARTA provide information on my pension?

No. ARTA is often confused with the Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Fund (ATRF). Please contact the ATRF office at 1-800-661-9582 if you have questions regarding your pension.

If I have questions about ARTA or the ARTA Retiree Benefits Plan, whom do I contact?

Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association (ARTA)
15505 137 Avenue NW
Edmonton AB T5V 1R9

Phone: 780-822-2400 or toll-free (Canada only) 1-855-212-2400 (extension 1)
Fax: 780-447-0613

What is an Interactive form?

Interactive forms allow you to enter information directly into the document from your computer. Some browsers have a built in feature that lets you do this without downloading the PDF, others will require you to download the PDF and open it with Adobe. Please make sure you are using Adobe 7.0 or newer.

Can forms be filled out on-line?

It depends – some forms are “interactive”, meaning you can enter information in your browser or on your computer using Adobe PDF viewer. These interactive forms can then be printed. From there you can sign and send them off by mail or fax.

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