ARTA Welcomes Servus!

As a retiree of Servus, you have access to preferred pricing for your group. For more information, please review the corresponding documents and information provided below.

To best meet the health care needs for you and your family, there are several plan options:

  • Four Extended Health Care options which include coverage for vision care (each option includes two prescription drug plan maximums)
  • Three Dental Care options


Participation in the plan is voluntary and available to Servus retirees and their families who meet the following criteria:

  • Retired employee of Servus;
  • Servus employee for at least ten (10) years;
  • Age 55 or older;

Two of the Extended Health Care Plans Include:

  • Emergency Travel Insurance with 100% coverage for sudden andĀ unforeseen emergencies
  • Coverage is for 92 days per trip, with the opportunity to add singleĀ trip supplementary coverage for a total of 212 days
  • Trip cancellation coverage
  • $5 million lifetime maximum