To best meet the health care needs for you and your family, there are several plan options:

  • Four Extended Health Care options which include coverage for vision care (each option includes two prescription drug plan maximums)
  • Three Dental Care options

Two of the Extended Health Care Plans Include:

  • Emergency Travel Insurance with 100% coverage for sudden andĀ unforeseen emergencies
  • Coverage is for 92 days per trip, with the opportunity to add singleĀ trip supplementary coverage for a total of 212 days
  • Trip cancellation coverage
  • $5 million lifetime maximum


  • Retired employee of an AMSC benefit plan participant member
  • Employed by AMSC group benefits member for at least (2) years
  • Age 55 or older

Plan Summary

  • 4 page overview of the Retiree Benefits Plan including premium rates
  • ARTA Membership Application
    • There is no ARTA membership application for public service sector applicants as ARTA membership fees will be included in these applicants Health & Wellness Benefit Plan premiums.
  • AUMA/AMSC Benefits Plan Application Form
    • Application to join the ARTA Retiree Benefits Program