March 25, 2019

news&views Submission Guidelines

The editor is responsible for the selection of the magazine’s content. All content must then be approved by ARTA’s risks officer for possible liability, and for compatibility with ARTA’s overall objectives and branding.

Submitting an Article

  • news&views welcomes unsolicited written work. We are happy to consider ideas for future articles.
  • Written work is acceptable in hard copy or as .doc, .docx, .pages or .rtf files. Very short pieces may be sent in the body of an email. Sorry, but for technical reasons, Word Perfect files cannot be accepted.
  • news&views does not accept .pdf files.
  • news&views considers articles of 500 to 1100 words in length. Longer articles may be trimmed to fit the requirements of the magazine.
  • Article content should appeal to a general audience of retired teachers and other professionals. Since news&views is not a scholarly magazine, articles should be written in a manner that does not require footnotes, endnotes or a bibliography. Please contact the editor if you are unsure about this.
  • Writers should try to avoid second-person writing. Second-person writing speaks directly to the reader, such as in instruction manuals or in some advertising. While an article might require second-person writing, most articles are more effective if it is avoided. Please let us know if we can help with this.
  • Pictures are welcome, especially for travel articles. Pictures should be sent in separate files and not embedded in the article.
  • Photographs should be in jpg (jpeg) or similar format. They should be of large size and very high quality since small and low-quality photographs cannot be printed. news&views can also scan hard-copy photographs, although the return of those photographs cannot be guaranteed.
  • news&views accepts a limited number of creative pieces such as poetry or very short fiction. Like any other work, these are subject to editing.
  • Submissions to “In Memoriam” should include the place of death, the complete name of the deceased including maiden name and any relevant titles or honours.
  • Subject to ARTA’s Editorial Policies, a small stipend is paid to writers for news&views. ARTA staff and all members of committees are excluded from receiving this payment.
  • Submitting an article to news&views implies permission to print that article in print and electronic issue of the magazine, as well as continued display in the online archive of past news&views issues. Beyond this permission, the ownership and copyright for any work is retained by the author.

A Few Rules

  • All work is subject to editing for length, mechanics and organization. There are no exceptions. Content may also be edited to correct a factual error or to
    remove legally actionable material.
  • Our time constraints do not permit sending the final edited draft to the writer for approval before publication.
  • All work is published with the name of the writer. news&views does not permit pseudonyms.
  • “The Canadian Code of Advertising Standards,” to which ARTA subscribes, does not permit featuring any product, company or trade name. For that reason, you may mention generic products or companies, but not specific ones. For example, you may mention ‘athletic shoes’ but not ‘Nike’ or ‘Adidas.’ Please contact the editor if you have questions about this matter.
  • Work subject to prior copyright, including unattributed work from the Internet, will not be considered without the express permission of the original copyright holder. Small attributed quotations within otherwise original work are acceptable.


Please, direct questions about these guidelines to Robin Carson (Editor, news&views) at

Please email articles to

Typed or clearly handwritten submissions are also welcome. Send these to news&views Editor, 11835–149 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5L 2J1. Such submissions cannot be returned.