November 25, 2020

news&views Submission Guidelines

Editorial Board Approved November 2020

news&views is a quarterly magazine of the Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association designed to be thought-provoking, informative, and entertaining for the retired professionals who make up ARTA’s membership. Guided by the mission statement of ARTA, articles support an engaged lifestyle after retirement through member-centred services, advocacy, communication, wellness, and leadership.

Submitting an Article

  1. news&views welcomes unsolicited written work and ideas for future articles. Article content should appeal to a general audience of retired teachers and like-minded professionals.
  2. news&views considers articles of up to 800 words in length. All articles may be trimmed to fit the requirements of the magazine and the issue in production.
  3. Written work is acceptable in hard copy or as doc, docx, pages, or rtf files. (Hard copy submissions are not returned.)
  4. Pictures are welcome, especially for travel articles. Send pictures — in jpg, tiff, or eps format — in separate files rather than embedded in the article. Large, high quality photos are required for satisfactory print quality. Include captions, preferably in the file names.
  5. In order to publish photos of identifiable people, provide confirmation from the photographer that those individuals have given permission for their picture to be printed in news&views.
  6. All work is subject to editing for length, mechanics, and organization. Content is also edited to correct factual errors and to remove legally actionable material.
  7. While contact with the writer may be made for clarification during editing, a final edited version is not sent to writers before publication.
  8. All work is published with the name of the writer.
  9. Reference to appropriate websites is welcome, although footnotes, endnotes, and bibliographies are rarely required.
  10. Small attributed quotations within otherwise original work are acceptable, whereas work subject to copyright, including unattributed work from the internet, requires written permission of the copyright holder.
  11. All content is approved by ARTA’s risk officer for possible liability and for compatibility with ARTA’s overall objectives and branding.
  12. The Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, to which ARTA subscribes, prohibits featuring any product, company, or trade name. For that reason, writers are asked to refer to generic products or companies rather than specific ones.
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  13. Submitting an article to news&views implies permission to print that article in paper and electronic issues of the magazine, as well as continued display in the online archive of past news&views issues. Beyond this permission, the ownership and copyright for any work is retained by the author.
  14. Creative pieces such as poetry and very short fiction are welcome submissions to the annual writing contest (see Winning entries of the writing contest are included in various issues of news&views. Beyond this contest, news&views rarely publishes poetry and fiction.
  15. A small stipend, with rates set by the Editorial Board, is paid to writers for articles published in news&views. Per ARTA’s Policies & Procedures, ARTA staff and all members of the board, committees, and the Charitable Foundation are excluded from receiving this stipend.

Direct questions about these guidelines to the news&views editor-in-chief, who is responsible for selecting the magazine’s content, at

Submit electronic articles to and hard-copy submissions to
news&views Editor-in-Chief 15505 137 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB T5V 1R9