December 15, 2010

ARTA Certificate / Diploma Scholarship 2010 Winners

ARTA sponsors the ARTA Certificate/Diploma Scholarships that are granted to applicants who have successfully completed one or more full years of a certificate or diploma program.

2010 Winners

Nisse Pittman

I am from Warner. As a child I was frequently hospitalized with asthma and a heart condition. Being in and out of the hospital piqued my interest in the medical field at a young age. Now, as a second year nursing student at St. Francis Xavier in Nova Scotia, I feel like I am on my journey to giving back to the profession that has given me so much. After I graduate with my BScN, I hope to go on to medical school and am considering urology. In the meantime, I plan to satisfy my love of travel, do yoga, love my family with all my might, and read, read, read! Thank you for this scholarship; it has been a tremendous contribution and I appreciate the honour.

Caitlin Andrea

After successfully completing my first year of a Bachelor of Arts program at the University of Alberta, I have transferred to St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia to broaden my post-secondary experience. I am continuing to pursue an Arts degree with an emphasis in the study of English. Currently, I am studying English courses in Genre Narrative, 18th Century Literature and Shakespeare along with courses in Psychology, Art and Religious Studies.
While I have not yet determined what career path I will pursue after graduation in 2012, a master’s degree in English is of interest and could lead to doctoral studies, professional journalism or possibly teaching English at the high school or university level. My hope is that as I continue to study and grow, my plans for the future will become clearer. I am very appreciative of the support that the Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association has given me through the ARTA-Johnson Scholarship. Rest assured it will be put to good use. Thank you!