December 17, 2018

ARTA Certificate / Diploma Scholarship 2018 Winners

ARTA sponsors the ARTA Certificate/Diploma Scholarships that are granted to applicants who have successfully completed one or more full years of a certificate or diploma program.

2018 Winners

Misty Featherley

I am so proud to be a recipient of the 2018 ARTA Scholarship award. It is such an honour for me. Not only will the award help to pay my student loans, it has given me a sense of pride and accomplishment. The decision to go back to school was difficult for me knowing that it would impact my family the most. With the support of my husband and family, I have been able to return to school and prove to our children that education is always important no matter what the age. The scholarship will lower the financial impact on my family and is also an acknowledgement that my hard work and dedication have been noticed. This motivates me every day to keep passionate about furthering my education. Thank you so much to ARTA for providing this scholarship award. It is an amazing benefit for both myself and my family and a sense of pride.

Anna Buchanan

My ambition in life is to help others improve each dimension of wellness in their lives —physical, mental, emotional. This scholarship will assist me in earning my Exercise Science diploma. My goal is to use my education to work in the fitness industry, helping others on their individual wellness journeys. I want to help individuals of all ages, from kids in their fundamental stages to working with the elderly, through mentoring, teaching, and coaching. I have a passion for health and wellness and love learning. I find my education and future career path fascinating and I can’t wait to share my knowledge with others. Receiving this scholarship will allow me to have the means needed to finish my diploma, opening many doors when it comes to helping others, future career opportunities, and furthering my education in a more specified area.

Ryan Borman

I am so grateful for this award as it will help my financial situation and relieve some of the stress that goes with attending school. It means a lot that your organization believes in me and is willing to support my future. This scholarship will help get me through the Geographic Information Systems course I am currently attending at SAIT, thus allowing me to combine all my previous education and move on to a unique and exciting career. My goal is to work in the surveying industry with the new technologies and their applications toward GIS. I don’t know exactly what my future holds, but I do know it will be bright and full of opportunity.

Faridae Mody

It is exciting and gratifying to have been awarded a scholarship by the ARTA committee. This prize money will mainly be put toward my dance studio—the Freedom School of Dance—to help cover costs as the studio begins its first full season.

Within my studio, I aim to create an environment where children will not only learn and grow but also become confident, well-rounded individuals. As the studio owner, I am taking Business Management at MacEwan University to ensure that I am just as knowledgeable in running my business as I am in teaching my students. Operating my studio successfully will only make (positively) influencing my students that much easier. Thank you, ARTA, for supporting my professional ambitions!

Renelle Hantelmann

I am very honoured and thankful to be chosen as one of the ARTA Certificate/Diploma Scholarship recipients. Currently, I am in my final year of a respiratory therapy program, and I will be using the skills I have learnt from school in rotations at hospitals and clinics around Alberta. It is rewarding to help people recover from long-term illnesses so that they can return to a better quality of life.

This scholarship will help me save for opportunities in which I will be able to educate those I am working with, including the patients. After completing the program, I would like to travel abroad with a missions group to practise in developing countries around the world. I aspire to share my skills and knowledge with those who do not have the same opportunities in healthcare as we do so that more people will have the knowledge and ability to provide the best-practised therapies for those suffering from illnesses.