December 17, 2019

ARTA Certificate / Diploma Scholarship 2019 Winners

ARTA sponsors the ARTA Certificate/Diploma Scholarships that are granted to applicants who have successfully completed one or more full years of a certificate or diploma program.

This year we asked the students a few questions to get them started in their descriptions. We asked: What effect have teachers had on your life? What was your favourite subject in school? Where do you see yourself in the next ten years? And, If you could be a superhero, what superhero would you be? We aren’t able to share all their answers with you, but here’s a sampling of their responses.

2019 Winners



I have been extremely fortunate to have amazing grandparents who are now retired from teaching and are ARTA members. They showed me how to enjoy taking on new things and that being challenged is important. I had the most amazing teachers growing up who helped me do well and kept me focused. To this day, my teachers track us down to ask us how we are doing.

In ten years, I see myself owning a brewery that supports my family and the community. It’s important for me to give back to the community that supported me so well growing up. I want to be seen as a respected brewmaster, with a growing brewery that prides itself on quality and delivering customers locally sourced beer.


The teachers who have influenced me the most were always the ones who cared the most for me as an individual and for my future. The two NAIT instructors who provided a reference for this ARTA Scholarship are among them. Having them come to every class with a positive attitude and strong belief that I would excel at every aspect of their class encouraged me to do better than I ever thought I could.

In ten years, I will be working as a certified engineering technologist. I aspire to be in a leadership role for a company that is prominent in the community. In this role, I hope to have a positive effect on our society in the field of civil engineering.


My family is full of teachers, both current and retired. The teachers I have had at school and at the dance studio have helped guide me and provide clarification for my chosen path. All these teachers have shown me the character, commitment, and passion it takes to be a great teacher. They helped shape me into who I am as a student, dance teacher, fitness coach, and eventually what I will be as an athletic therapist.

In ten years I hope to be working with dance studios to provide treatment and training for young dancers. Growing up dancing, I saw overuse and chronic injuries that follow dancers throughout their lives. This has been a driving force behind my Bachelor of Kinesiology and Advanced Certificate in Athletic Therapy.