Scholarship winners
December 15, 2014

ARTA Degree Scholarship 2014 Winners

TW Insurance Brokers, in conjunction with ARTA, provides the ARTA–TW Insurance Scholarships that are awarded to students presently registered in the second, third or fourth year of a program leading to an undergraduate degree.

2014 Winners

Ian Andrews

I would like to thank ARTA and TW Insurance for their support by providing degree scholarships that recognize, encourage and enable students like me to complete post-secondary education. I am currently in my fourth and final year of a BSc program in biochemistry at the University of Lethbridge and have been an undergraduate researcher in the Alberta RNA Research and Training Institute at the U of L since its inauguration in 2011. I have always been keenly interested in the life sciences from a research perspective, but through my studies and diverse research experiences with ARRTI, I have also discovered an interest in science from the outlook of research ethics, law, and communication. As I near the completion of my bachelor’s degree, I am faced with deciding between my research interests by entering a master’s program in biochemistry or my social interests by entering a law school specializing in law and technology or law and medicine. Either way, I look forward to seeing what the future will hold!

Grace Miazga

I am currently completing my third year of the University of Alberta’s Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education five-year combined degree program. My interests include languages and the dramatic arts. These passions have led me to pursue a major in Drama and a minor in Spanish. I want to use the skills that I am developing in my degrees to educate and engage youth through arts-based activities. Prior to university, participating in my high school’s theatre and leadership programs were life-changing for me. My teachers developed my creative thinking, problem solving and public speaking skills. These skills were transferable and applicable in many different areas of my life and had amazingly positive impacts on the formation of my own identity. I look forward to creating similar experiences for my future students, finding ways to approach curriculum creatively and to create meaningful learning opportunities in ways that will impact their lives just as much as those that have impacted mine. Thank you to the Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association for the support and the privilege of being a 2014 ARTA–TW Insurance Degree Scholarship recipient.