December 17, 2019

ARTA—Joan Trettler Education Scholarship

Joan Trettler was a teacher, administrator, and school trustee with the St. Albert Public School Board for 44 years. While teaching Joan served several terms on the executive of the local of the Alberta Teachers Association. In retirement, Joan volunteered with both ARTA and STARTA in several capacities.

After retiring in 1997, Joan won the election in 1998 to the Board of Trustees for St. Albert Public Schools. She served two terms as the President of the Public School Boards’ Association of Alberta, becoming known as a champion for public education. Joan also established and chaired the Historical Foundation for St. Albert Public Schools.

Joan Trettler passed away on January 4, 2019. In her honour, a one time $2,500 scholarship was awarded to an Alberta student who has completed at least one year toward their education degree.


Among the many amazing and talented teachers who have shown me new ways of looking
at the world, one has stood out due to her constant guidance, steadfast support, and
talent for asking questions that force me to look beyond what is in front of me: my Mom,
Pat McQueen. I think many kids who have teachers for parents have groaned as they are
challenged with their homework and pushed to think a little harder. I suspect many, like
myself, have appreciated the effort years later. Now, my son gets to roll his eyes.

I expect teaching to be the career that carries me to retirement. Teaching is dynamic,
and will continually challenge me to adapt to change, nurture my curiosity, and create new
ideas through professional development.