October 9, 2018

ARTA Logo Refresh

ARTA is an ever-evolving organization, focused on supporting an engaged lifestyle after retirement through member-centred services, advocacy, communication, wellness and leadership. We represent an active, vibrant membership – and need to reflect that in our corporate visual identity!

Over the past year, many changes have been made, including the introduction of visual icons to support our strategic goals of member services, wellness, advocacy and organizational excellence, and the introduction of bright, contrasting secondary colours.

We’ve now taken another step to better represent who ARTA is by updating our logo. The new logo retains many elements of the existing logo but is refreshed to make the logo more modern, approachable and positive. ARTA’s members have entered a new phase of life in retirement, and the dynamic image of the rising sun creates a reassuring feeling that this new chapter in their lives brings with it hope and promise, while the clouds remind us of the diversity that each day brings.

ARTA is featured in a bolder font as a way to stand out, as well as be more legible. The “Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association” type is separated from the logo to further increase legibility. The R is highlighted in tangerine to draw focus on “Retired” and the colour choice ties it to the rising sun.

The new logo makes the graphic seem friendly and energetic, but still with the authority of an institution. The boldness of the elements allows it to be reproduced well on all kinds of materials, from membership cards to envelopes, to signage.

It will take some time to update all of ARTA’s materials with the new logo, but we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!