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December 7, 2020

ARTA Retiree Benefits Plan Billing Test Notification

Dear ARTA Member,

As we reach the end of this year and prepare for self-administration in 2021, there are a small number of systems tests we must run to ensure all our procedures and electronic processes are running correctly. While most of these tests are being done behind the scenes, you may receive notification from your bank as we test our Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) process.

EFT is the process that automatically withdraws monthly premiums and makes claim deposits back into your account.

On Wednesday, December 9, you will notice a deposit of $0.01 being made into the bank account associated with your Retiree Benefits Plan membership. This test deposit ensures future claims will also be deposited successfully.

Likewise, on Thursday, December 10, you will notice a withdrawal of $0.01 from the same account, which will ensure that automated monthly withdrawals are also set up correctly.

This test requires no monitoring or confirmation on your end, as we will receive the test data directly from the bank. Additionally, be assured that you will not be charged any service fees for this pair of transactions. If you have any questions about this test, or about self-administration itself, I encourage you to contact us toll-free at 1-855-212-2400 (or at 780-822-2400 in the Edmonton area) or visit the self-administration page on ARTA’s website.

Thank you for your cooperation and support as we make these finishing touches on our self-administration processes. We look forward to serving you with our fully operational systems in the new year.

Daniel Mulloy
ARTA Chief Executive Officer