Organizational Excellence
November 17, 2020

ARTA Retiree Benefits Plan Self-Administration FAQs

ARTA recently announced, effective January 1, we will be self-administering the Retiree Benefits Plan. This means ARTA will no longer be using ASEBP as a third-party provider, and all benefits administration will take place in-house. Thank you for the valuable feedback and questions you’ve sent in regard to this exciting change. We’ve collected some of the most common questions and would like to share the answers with all members, so everyone can be fully prepared for the change.

As we prepare for this change, we’d like to remind members to submit all outstanding health and dental claims to ASEBP as soon as possible before December 31.

1. Will my health and dental benefits coverage change?

Your health and dental plan will not change, the same coverage you are used to will be maintained in this new administration system.

2. When will I receive my new health and dental benefits card?

In December, all members will receive a package from ARTA containing a new membership card. For ARTA Members on the Retiree Benefits Plan, this one card also serves as your new benefits ID card. Please store it safely and present it to health care practitioners and pharmacists starting January 1, 2021.

3. Do I need to tell my health care provider about the change in coverage?

Not yet, as all claims incurred prior to midnight on December 31 should continue to be submitted to ASEBP. From January 1 onwards, you can let your health care provider know about the change and present your new ID card to update their records.

4. After the move to ARTA, will there be changes in the way I submit health and dental claims?

Yes! You will have three options for submitting health and dental claims through our new claims adjudicator, Green Shield Canada (GSC).

  • Provider-submitted claims: Many health service providers will electronically submit claims on your behalf. During December, you will receive a package in the mail from ARTA along with your new Member ID card. As of January 1, simply present your ID card and ask your health service provider to submit your claims directly to GSC. All the information they require for direct billing is on the card.
  • Do-it-yourself online claims: Through this service, you pay for a medical product or service and then submit your claim online through the MyARTA Online Claims manager or the ARTA Benefits mobile app. This is generally used for services like massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic, vision care, and eye exams. If you sign up for direct deposit, your claim payment is deposited into your bank account approximately two business days after it is processed.
  • Paper claims: For claims that are not submitted electronically, either by you or your provider, simply pay for your item or service and mail the paid receipt and claim form for reimbursement to the address indicated on the claim form. Beginning January 1, there will be new claims forms available online through MyARTA.

5. Am I going to receive the same service with ARTA and GSC that I had with ASEBP?

We can confirm that GSC is known for customer service excellence and that plan members will benefit from several new features. We can ensure you and your family will receive high quality service with our new provider.

6. Is there anything I need to do right now?

There is nothing for you to do yet. ARTA is working hard to get you and your plan set up on the new system. We will continue to provide updates throughout the transition process, and your welcome package will arrive in the mail next month.