December 17, 2019

ARTA–TW Insurance Degree Scholarship 2019 Winners

TW Insurance Brokers, in conjunction with ARTA, provides the ARTA–TW Insurance Scholarships that are awarded to students presently registered in the second, third or fourth year of a program leading to an undergraduate degree.

This year we asked the students a few questions to get them started in their descriptions. We asked: What effect have teachers had on your life? What was your favourite subject in school? Where do you see yourself in the next ten years? And, If you could be a superhero, what superhero would you be? We aren’t able to share all their answers with you, but here’s a sampling of their responses.

2019 Winners


Teachers made me love learning: one teacher made me fall in love with history, another teacher made me fall in love with writing and art. Thanks to those two, I now plan to combine my passions for history and art through filmmaking. I would not be at Harvard if it weren’t for the wonderful, impressive, and inspirational teachers I have had throughout my life, who taught me to never settle for anything but my best.

My passion is filmmaking. I want to dedicate my life to capturing and cultivating the intersection between film and social justice; my films will tell diverse stories, especially ones that often go unheard or unacknowledged, that expand worldviews, and both inspire and effect change.


Over the years, I have had so many amazing teachers that have inspired me to continue putting my schooling as the number one priority. I was always an outgoing student and loved to ask questions. Thus, I made friendships with teachers with whom I remain in touch to this day. Extending into university, I have already met so many amazing professors that I can seek out if I ever need advice.

In the next ten years, I aspire to work in a hospital as a medical doctor. While studying a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, I definitely find that the study of human physiology is my passion. Through my past and current endeavours, I long to further my understanding of how the human body works.



A variety of teachers at my high school inspired me to become who I am today. My biology teacher, who also taught computer science and human geography — and led a philosophy club — was an amazing example of a polymath with a lifelong love for learning. He encouraged me to strive to be the very best that I can be, and his teaching built my foundation of neuroscience and programming knowledge — both of which I draw upon every single day in university.

I see myself in ten years as a research scientist investigating the ways in which thoughts are generated and represented in the brain, in the hope of being able to better treat neurological and mental disorders.



I would like to thank each of the teachers in my life who have pushed me to be the best version of myself and provided unwavering support.

In the next ten years, I hope to complete my Bachelor of Science in Nursing program and be practising as a full-time registered nurse. Through my career, I hope to positively affect the life of every patient I encounter.

Outside of career ambitions, I hope to create a home where everyone feels both secure and loved every single day. Throughout my childhood, I developed an appreciation for an agricultural lifestyle. As a result, I hope to reside with my family in a rural setting and aim to remain involved with our family farm in whatever ways possible.


I always enjoyed math in school because it challenged me, and I knew it was an essential area of knowledge for life.

In ten years, I hope to be a chartered professional accountant using my knowledge of finances to help educate people on the importance of financial literacy.

If I could be a superhero, I would be Superman because he was given multiple powers but uses them to help people.


I am interested in many subjects and enjoy learning new things. As a Franco-Albertan, high school French class allowed me to explore and embrace my cultural and linguistic heritage. I owe a lot to my high school French teacher, who was an amazingly gifted and inspiring teacher and created opportunities to work in French in Montreal.

Currently in my second year at McGill University, I am pursuing a joint honours BA in Political Science and Middle East Studies. I hope to follow this by studying Law with a focus on human rights. As the grandson of a refugee, I have seen up close how newcomers and their children are undeniably vital to Canadian society.