December 6, 2022

ARTA-TW Insurance Degree Scholarship 2022 Winners

The ARTA Governance Committee administers the ARTA scholarship program that awards a total of six scholarships in degree programs and another six in certificate or diploma programs. This year we accepted fifty-seven applications; the award recipients are listed below.

Thanks go to TW Insurance Brokers and ARTA who sponsor the degree scholarships. Degree applicants must have completed one, two, or three years of an undergraduate or transfer program. The Certificate/Diploma scholarships, sponsored by ARTA, are for students who have completed one or more full years of a certificate or diploma program.

On behalf of the Governance Committee, I would like to thank all applicants and congratulate all those who have been selected for a scholarship.

The following are student responses addressing the questions: What impact have teachers had in your life? Who is your greatest role model? What is your greatest achievement? If you could compare yourself to an animal, what animal would that be?

2022 Winners

J'ana SmithMy greatest role model is my grandma. She immigrated as a child to Alberta, and had to adjust to a new language and culture while living in very humble circumstances during the Great Depression. Despite many challenges, my grandma lived her ninety-two years full of joy, finding the positive, and helping others. She was loved dearly by family and friends.

Emily HawsMy mom is my greatest role model. She exemplifies what it means to love people well, putting others’ needs before her own and making everyone she encounters feel seen and heard. She empowers me daily to chase my dreams and conquer my fears. Throughout my entire life, she has walked alongside me, wiping away many tears and helping me up after I fail.

Tammie RoyOne of my greatest achievements is still to come. It will be the completion of my communications degree next year. As a mature student out of school for many decades, I have maintained an “A” average while working full-time and attending school full-time. While it has been one of my most challenging experiences, it has also been one of the most gratifying.

Tighe McAseyMy greatest role model is my dad. I look up to him and strive to be like him because he is respectful, understanding, and puts others above himself. During my adolescence, my dad made personal sacrifices to support me in my aspirations by driving me to sports practices every day and helping me with schoolwork. I’m grateful and hope I can have such a profound impact on someone else’s life.

Danny LaursenTeachers have had such a tremendous impact on my life. I have always viewed teachers as individuals whom I look up to. Each one has shown kindness, compassion, and, most importantly, interest in making me become a better student and person. They pushed me to be the best version of myself and I thank each one of them for transforming me into the person I am today.

Gabrielle PriorIf I could compare myself to an animal, I would be a butterfly. I transform and adapt to changes within my environment despite the challenge, while exemplifying a lively spirit of creativity and beauty that transforms my communities. Our personalities are welcoming, charming, and demonstrate strong leadership.