March 2, 2020

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for ARTA members

Coronavirus continues to be a growing concern across the globe, with the World Health Organization (WHO) declaring the virus a public health emergency.

The current overall risk to Albertans in the province of Alberta is low, as determined by medical experts.

Read updates from Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer.

The World Health Organization has updated its website to include information on Coronavirus, its symptoms, and basic protective measure to keep yourself safe.

HumanaCare, our provider of ARTACares, has produced the below fact sheet. COVID-19 Fact Sheet

In an effort to help assist with easing some of the anxiety surrounding the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, ARTACares provider HumanaCare, alongside of Seijiro Tsuchi, M.Ed CCC, would like to share some valuable insight on how to properly navigate through these troubled times.

When researching Coronavirus, use trusted websites, and take caution with articles shared on social media, as information is changing so rapidly, it may be outdated or incorrect.

ARTA Members with Affected Travel Plans

ARTA’s Emergency Travel Provider, Allianz Global Assistance, is currently experiencing high call volume and long wait times due to concerned travellers. Note that calls to Allianz will be answered, but you may experience long wait times.

If you are trying to rebook or cancel an upcoming trip, please contact your trip provider first as many airlines and tour providers are allowing customers to cancel or rebook trips to affected areas.

You can also try contacting Allianz through email, including:

For updated information about coronavirus and possible impacts to coverage, please read the Allianz Coronavirus alert.

ARTA Members Currently Travelling Outside of Canada

Please refer to ARTA’s March 13 post regarding the Government of Canada’s travel advisory and ARTA’s March 17 update to the travel advisory.