March 18, 2020

Our path forward

One of ARTA’s core strategic goals is to foster vibrant, engaged, and informed members. And we can’t do that when our employees are sick. A simple, effective way to minimize risk is to maximize social distance. So effective March 19, 2020, our dedicated staff will be working from home until further notice. If any ARTA employee can work from home, they will. During this time, we will ensure that we continue to provide core services to our members.

During this timeframe, for critical needs please call 1-855-212-2400 to leave a voicemail which will be returned by our staff. When your need isn’t critical and when possible, please email We encourage you to continue to visit the ARTA website for additional information.

We appreciate your patience as we manage through these critical times to best serve you. Together, we can work to make our world a safe and healthy place.

Daniel Mulloy