September 10, 2019

Renewals Don’t Have to Be Complicated

by Wendy Sheehan | Manager, Client Experience, ASEBP

We’re constantly striving to demonstrate excellence in how we deliver benefits. We know that navigating through important dates, even with constant reminders, can feel like a job in and of itself — life can be demanding and the effort to keep things simple cannot be overstated. Thankfully, with ARTA’s annual benefits renewal, simple is the name of the game as everything takes care of itself—automatically!

Renewing Your Benefits

Every November 1, your ARTA retiree benefits automatically renew. There’s really very little for you to do. By the end of September, we’ll send you a package in the mail, outlining all of the updates being made to your benefits for November 1. All you have to do is read it! There’s no mailing of any paperwork (unless you want to make changes) or any calls you have to make — we handle everything for you. A simple renewal process is just one of the many ways ARTA makes it easy to manage your retiree benefits.

Making Changes

Speaking of making things easy, if after reviewing your renewal package you decide to make some changes to your benefits, you’re in luck because that process is pretty simple, too!

If you’re enrolled in our Supplemental Travel coverage for trips longer than 92 days, you’ll receive a Change Application for Travel Plans in your 2019 ARTA Benefits Renewal Package. Just complete this form and send it to us.

For other benefit plan changes and updating your dependants, simply download a copy of the Change Application for Health and Dental Plans from the ARTA website,, complete it, and mail it to the address on the form.

Remember: For some benefit plans, you may have to be enrolled for at least two years before you can make certain changes (check the change application for details).

Benefits of Being a Member

On top of all of the important information about upcoming benefit changes, your renewal package also includes some helpful promotional resources to keep you informed of all of the other benefits that come along with being an ARTA member. With partners across the country, ARTA makes it truly easy to take advantage of services, savings, and support no matter where you are.

We’ve Got You Covered

So, while you wait for your renewal package to arrive, sit back and relax knowing we’ve taken care of everything on this end for you.

And remember, if you do have any questions about anything in your renewal package, you can always send our team of benefit plan coordinators an email at or give us a call at 1-855-444-ARTA (2782) — we’re always happy to help.