July 15, 2019

Reporting Fraudulent Claims

The vast majority of ARTA benefit claims are submitted in good faith, but sometimes plan members and service providers take advantage of benefit coverage for personal gain. From service providers submitting claims for products plan members never receive to plan members submitting claims for services that are not eligible by disguising them as services that are (e.g. spa treatments submitted as therapeutic massages)—no matter the cause, we need to know.

How to Report

If you become aware of any fraudulent claims or suspect fraudulent activity, please call our new confidential hotline at 1-833-821-ARTA (2782).

Please note, this hotline is only to be used to report fraudulent claims. If you have questions about your ARTA benefits, please contact an ARTA benefit plan coordinator.

Don’t forget to check out Protecting the ARTA Retiree Benefits Plan for tips on how to keep your ARTA benefits safe.