August 10, 2022

Resetting Your MyARTA password

As a member of the ARTA Retiree Benefits Plan, you have access to MyARTA — an online resource that allows you to manage the many features of your benefits online, whenever you like. MyARTA allows you to:

  • Update your personal information, including mailing address, phone number, and email address.
  • Submit your dental and health claims online — for massage therapy, chiropractic services, physiotherapy, speech therapy, vision care/eye exams, and more. Just click “MyARTA Claims”→“Submit A Claim” from the main menu and follow the instructions.
  • Complete the annual review process for over-age dependant coverage (if applicable).
  • Access your personal document library, including your ARTA Member ID card.
  • Utilize the Drug Lookup Tool; look up a specific drug by name or partial name to see drug details, coverage levels, comparable medications, and more. Just click “MyARTA Claims”→“Check Coverage”→“Drug.”
  • Access claim forms for submission by mail.
  • Access your Explanation of Benefits documents for paid claims quickly and easily.

Forgot Your MyARTA Account Password?

Reset your password with a few quick steps:

  1. Visit and click on the link titled “Reset your password.”


Resetting Password Step 1


  1. Enter your email address and click “Send me reset password instructions.”

Resetting Password Step 2


  1. You’ll receive an email from MyARTA to the address you specified in your profile with a confirmation link. Click on the “Change My Password” link.

Changing Your Password

  1. Enter a new password for your account. Passwords must be at least seven characters long, and contain at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, and a number.
    Click the blue “Change my password” button to confirm your new password and you will be logged into your MyARTA account.

Change Your Password