May 20, 2019

Tips for a Smooth Move with ARTA Benefits

One of the great things about your ARTA benefits is that they are available no matter where you live in Canada. But if you are moving outside of Alberta, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure your benefits make the move as successful as you.

  1. Contact Alberta Health. Give them a call at 1-780-427-1432 to let them know about your move to a new province. This will ensure your Coverage for Seniors benefits are cancelled. Even if you have already applied for provincial health care in your new province, Alberta Health won’t have a record of it.
  2. Direct Billing. Let your new health care providers know that electronic claims are processed through Alberta Blue Cross. If your provider is having difficulty submitting a claim, they should call Alberta Blue Cross for assistance—they will have access to the right number.
  3. If you have ARTA travel benefits, your 92-day maximum resets once you arrive in your new province.

While we will surely miss you here in Alberta, we wish you nothing but the best on your new adventure in your new home!