Travel Europe
November 25, 2021

Travel Update – Lockdown in European Union

ARTA continues to monitor the state of COVID-19 in the world to ensure our members are kept aware of any changes which may affect their travel plans.

With the spread of COVID-19 beginning to increase once again in certain countries (particularly in the European Union), we encourage you to monitor the state of COVID-19 at your travel destination and to refer to Global Affairs Canada’s travel advisory web page.

If a Level 3 or higher travel advisory is issued for your destination country, region, or area, it is advisable that you review the policy on credits or refunds from your airline and other travel providers to ensure you get full credit or refund for your future trip costs. ARTA’s trip cancellation insurance will not cover your trip costs in the event your trip needs to be cancelled since COVID-19 is a known entity and is not considered to be sudden and unforeseen.

Should a travel advisory be issued for your destination while you are travelling, you will have ten days to return to your province of residence, after which time the Emergency Travel plan will not cover any costs associated with the reason the travel advisory was issued. If you need to return home early, non-refundable travel expenses (such as flight change costs) will be eligible for coverage through ARTA’s trip cancellation insurance coverage, but expenses related to meals, hotels, or flight upgrades while travelling home will not be covered.

ARTA will continue to monitor any changes to travel advisories that may affect our members and will update our Emergency Travel FAQ with pertinent information.