May 16, 2023

WestJet Strike Notice

With the recent announcement that WestJet pilots have given strike notice, many ARTA travellers are wondering how this will impact their travel coverage, especially when it comes to trip cancellation and interruption insurance. If you had a flight or flights booked through WestJet prior to the announcement, your coverage may be affected in one or more of the following ways:

Refunded or rebooked through WestJet

Canada’s Air Passenger Protection Regulations indicate that in the event of a strike, the airline will compensate you – even if it results in booking a different flight or airline. If WestJet refunded the full cost of your ticket or rebooked your flight for a later date or on a different airline, this refund or rebooking would take precedence over a trip cancellation or interruption claim, and you would not be eligible for coverage for your missed flight through Allianz, ARTA’s travel partner. You would also not be eligible for a claim through ARTA’s travel policy if you refuse the alternate booking.

No Refund or rebooking offered

If you can prove that a refund or rebooking was not offered through WestJet, the non-refunded amount may be eligible for coverage through Allianz.

Rebooking your own flight

If you choose to rebook your own flight, your new flight will not be eligible for coverage. Your rebooking must be made through WestJet.

Missed Connections, Hotels, and Tours

If your missed or re-scheduled flight caused you to miss a subsequent flight, cruise departure, or other scheduled transportation connection, your missed connection may be eligible for coverage through Allianz. If you missed a tour, concert, or hotel accommodation, you may be compensated by ARTA’s travel plan if you were not compensated or credited by the airline, tour, or concert operator.

Hotel Accommodation and Meal Expenses Incurred

If you are unable to travel home to your province of residence due to the strike and need to extend your trip, hotel and meal expenses are not eligible for coverage by ARTA’s trip cancellation plan.

If you have any further questions about this strike or your travel coverage, you can reach Allianz at 1-844-996-9003, and review WestJet’s information and FAQ website at the button below.