September 13, 2017

Winners of the 2017 Photo Contest

Once again, the annual ARTA Photography Contest was a resounding success. We saw a significant increase over 2016 in the number of participants, and we received almost one hundred images. The quality of submissions caused judges to engage in lively debate about many of our prize-winning images to determine which image truly was the winner, and why. Only three images were disqualified this year, showing entrants’ greater adherence to the rules of the contest. Well done by all!

I would like to extend a thank you to our judging panel. Our judges this year all work in the photography and arts professions, and their personal expertise was significant in the judging of each entry. Our judges also provided constructive and positive written feedback to as many participants as they could so that participants can continue to refine their craft.

The most common comments the judges made, which I pass on as advice to all our amateur photographers, are these:

  • Pay careful attention to the category. Does your captured image fully represent the theme? For example, how does it convey hope? Love? Joy? Will that ‘how’ be obvious to a person looking at the image without the context or story behind the image?
  • Don’t be afraid to focus on the most important aspect of the image. Crop out dead space or background scenery to further draw your viewer’s eyes to the focus of the image.

We look forward to introducing new categories for the 2018 Photography Contest in a future issue of news&views and to seeing many more submissions in the years to come.

Congratulations to every one of you who participated this year!

Click on the photo entry name to see the photo.

Category A – Joy


by Marc Frey

Category B – Hope


by Eldred Stamp

Category C – Love


Magellan Penguin Mom Preens Chick, Magellan Island, Chile
by C. Birnie Baron

Category D – Black & White


Brought in by the Tide
by Pauline Johnson

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