September 15, 2018

Winners of the 2018 Photo Contest

The 2018 annual ARTA Photography contest was once again a huge success. The entries increased by 20% this year over last year. The submissions we received had our professional photographer judges, ARTA staff, and committee member in awe of the talent our members possess. Last year we had three images disqualified and this year the judges agreed to disqualify only one image which demonstrated the entrants understood the rules and regulations. This year the categories were Travel, Small Things, Well-Aged and Black & White, with Travel being the most popular for submissions.

A huge shout out and sincere thank you to our judges and their keen eyes for beautiful photography. Our panel of judges included Jon Havelock, Professional Photographer, Brock Kryton, owner of Brock Kryton Photography and, in the case of a tiebreaker, our Communications Committee member Laurie Semler. Both judges brought valuable opinions and expertise. Jon had a creative eye where Brock brought his knowledge of technical photography forward. Some of the comments the judges shared this year were:

  • Ensure your photo doesn’t look staged; the best photo is a captured at the moment where you can feel the emotion from the image.
  • Try taking the photo from a variety of angles; you never know what you may get in the shot if you shoot from a different perspective.
  • Editing can be used to improve your photos; however artistic filters should not be used as the photo could look over-processed.

On behalf of ARTA and the Communications Committee, I would like to extend a grateful thank you to all the members who submitted entries this year. Our hope is to encourage more ARTA members to get out their cameras and shoot the beauty that surrounds them daily.

We look forward to announcing the new categories for the 2019 Photo Contest in the winter news&views magazine. Congratulations to the winners and to those you sent in entries, without you this contest would not happen.

Click on the photo entry name to see the photo.

Category A – Small Things


Dew Drops on a Spider Web
by Marc Frey

Category B – Well-aged


Feeding Cats with Grandma
by Irene Kovats

Category C – Travel


Mount Sinai Uber
by Tim Johnston

Category D – Black & White


Big Storm Rolling Across the Prairie
by Valentina Tkachuk

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