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September 19, 2019

Winners of the 2019 Photo Contest

Another ARTA Photo Contest has overwhelmed us with the number of entries and the astonishing quality of the photographs. We received 211 entries — over a hundred submissions more than last year. Thanks to all of the members who submitted this year! You captured the most amazing photographs.

The photo contest categories this year were Nature, Hometown Pride, Travel, and Monochromatic.

  • We received the most submissions in the Nature category with an outstanding seventy-five entries.
  • Hometown Pride was one of the newly introduced categories; the heartwarming quality of the entries gave us a sense of how proud our members are of the places they are from.
  • The Travel category brought in outstanding photos ranging from Africa to Antarctica.
  • Another newly introduced category, Monochromatic was a twist on the previous year’s category Black and White; submissions explored the range of what monochromatic means.

As this is the third year that Jon Havelock and Brock Kryton have judged our photo contest, we thought it fitting to introduce them.

Jon Havelock (JH) is a self-taught photographer who first started exhibiting in 2009. The unique look of his work is the result of countless hours of creative effort in the field and at his gallery and home studio. His goal is to create a two-step process in the enjoyment of each image — to have the viewer first explore the medium of the piece (for example, oil versus photography or flat versus texture) — and then to enjoy the piece based on its merits as a reflection of our natural world.

Jon has exhibited at the Calgary Stampede, Capital Ex in Edmonton, the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie, Keyano College (Fort McMurray), the Muttart Conservatory, the Edmonton Convention Centre, Enbridge Centre, among other Alberta locations. He recently opened his own gallery in Edmonton at 10403 122 Street NW.

 Brock Kryton (BK) was born and raised in Edmonton and began shooting film when he was fifteen years old. At nineteen, Brock started a photography business and began photographing and selling prints of competitors at Western and English equestrian events across Western Canada. Brock studied in the Design Studies program at MacEwan University, majoring in photography.

Working as a commercial photographer with clients in many different sectors, he is now also a sessional instructor at MacEwan University. He has taught a variety of photography classes in Edmonton including portrait, contemporary lifestyle, iPhone, and special event photography.

In 2013, Brock received an honourable mention as one of Canada’s top twenty-five emerging artists in an annual contest of the Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators. He currently sells his photos at the Art Gallery of Alberta.

Brock and Jon had some suggestions for our talented amateur photographers for future submissions.

  • Focus on one point of the photo, such as an animal’s eyes or eye and facial expression
  • Crop the photo to capture the most alluring part of the image
  • Avoid centring photos, which can make them look doctored and less natural
  • Pay attention to the lighting and/or the details of the shadows
  • Make sure your photos are in focus and the primary subject matter is in focus
  • Always look for contrast with colours or lighting

Some of their specific comments on the winning entries are included below.


First Place

Making Face
by Colleen Sayer

  • JH: “When can I come to your NY gallery?” … pretty much sums it up. This is one of the most dramatic photos I have ever seen. Your eye goes to the brightest part of the picture, everything just works. Exposure is perfect, extremely dramatic, very intimate.

Second Place The Start of a Dubrovnic Day in the Eyes of a Feline by Lyle Johnson

  • BK: Exposure value is bang on! Subject matter is interesting and historic without tainting the image. This is realistic and dramatic.
  • JH: “Love the composition, the cat did it for me.”

Honourable Mention Pilot Boat at Night by Michael Watson

  • BK: Motion effect very well executed, water looks silky smooth, unique viewpoint from above.
  • JH: Unique subject matter, would never think of taking that shot.

Honourable Mention The Unknown Persists by Violet St.Clair

  • BK: There was something there that was mysterious – I quite liked the fog, looks old, looks like it was shot on film.


Hometown Pride

First Place

Latin Dance — Edmonton Heritage Festival
by Thanh Hua

  • JH: The colour and movement within the image evoke emotion of celebration and pride; this is about celebrating our diversity.

Second Place Doodle, Oodle, Oodle, Watch the Cowboys Fly by Tim Johnston

  • BK: The timing of the rodeo is incredible, composition and exposure is well done.
  • JH: Really captures our western culture.

Honourable Mention Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: Fundraiser — Violence Against Women by Barbara Strand

  • BK: Took the term “pride” and took a spin on it. The photographer captured the diversity. Really shows a playfulness of something that is so rigid and the image evokes a feeling.
  • JH: Fun image that conveys the seriousness of the content.

Honourable Mention We Will Defend Against All Intruders by Marc Frey

  • JH: What can be more local than a football game between rivals … really conveys a small-town feeling.
  • BK: Strength, not going to get overwhelmed – conveys fortitude of the small town, bracing for the big guys.


First Place

“It’s How He Rolls” (near St. Katherine’s Monastery, Egypt)
by Tim Johnston

  • BK: Love the composition and the pose; most tourists wouldn’t think of taking the picture. Really had to think about it and be bold and get close and he took a risk.

Second Place Spring in Paris by Kim Yamashita

  • JH: Unique composition of a pic that has been taken all the time … the flowers’ vignette or frame makes the image unique.

Honourable Mention Majestic Mausoleum by Elaine Ford

  • JH: Beautiful exposure, shot golden hour light. Not a lot of shadows, symmetry is beautiful. Composition is spot on.

Honourable Mention San Francisco Reflections by David Baxter

  • BK: Photographer took something concrete and did not allow it to be something it is.


First Place

Elephant Ears
by Margaret Clark

  • BK: Great exposure, golden hour directional light reveals the elephant, cropped well, normally shot from afar, great detail.
  • JH: Love the texture of the image and details of the hide

Second Place The Palouse Fields Are Alive at Sunset by Lyle Johnson

  • BK: Love the colour, presentation of the print quality. I love the fact it is abstract, looks like a painting

Honourable Mention Almost There — The 500km Journey to Spawn by Rose Koltes

  • BK: I like the perspective of the shot and the timing is perfect
  • JH: Love the subject matter. It’s rare to see a salmon close up like this.

Honourable Mention Young Suet Owl by Kim Yamashita

  • JH: Could have been first place had the image been cropped around the eyes. Close cropping around the face would have elevated the placing. The expression is fantastic. Sense of wonder in the eyes.

Honourable Mention Testing the Waters by Roger Moses

  • BK: Great composition, like the action of the photo, look of determination, the exposure value is really good – well exposed
  • JH: Great focus! Love the detail of the polar bear.