December 17, 2020

ARTA Certificate/Diploma Scholarship 2020 Winners

ARTA sponsors the ARTA Certificate/Diploma Scholarships that are granted to applicants who have successfully completed one or more full years of a certificate or diploma program.

Once again, we asked the students a few questions. The following excerpts from their responses address these questions: What impact have teachers had in your life? What was your favourite subject in school? Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

2020 Winners


I have been inspired by teachers to pursue education, regardless of age, and that is what has brought me to this point. Even now, I am impacted daily by my instructors at NAIT who are enthusiastic and passionate!

Social studies never felt like schoolwork. To me, it was storytelling — learning about the past helped to shape my imagination and my worldview.


By challenging me, the teachers in my life guide me to try my hardest and inspire me to become the best I can.

I believe one of the fundamental aspects of education is to encourage the further pursuit of knowledge. Physics has given this to me more than any other subject. When you have the underlying theories of physics in mind, you are able to look at the world with a more detailed understanding.


I’ve always been lucky enough to have the most wonderful teachers. Many of my family members are also either retired or currently working in education, so I’ve grown up surrounded by fantastic teachers.

My favourite subject has always been English. I’ve always loved to read books about everything and anything, so I saw English as a way to get marked on doing something I love.


Teachers were instrumental in my personal and professional development. Many people in my life are “givers,” and many do not receive as much support as they give. I would love to work directly with those actively building a better community by making sure they receive the same care that they offer to others.

The next ten years will be pivotal in my career. My goal is to run a wellness centre in my community that combines all my previous skills and expertise.


One of the largest impacts some of my teachers have had on my life has been encouraging me to stay politically aware.

My favourite class was social studies as I always enjoyed keeping up with politics and current events outside of school.

In ten years, I see myself working in the oil and gas industry as a Second Class Power Engineer.


Teachers have shaped how I am today. They helped me to learn to love learning, love growing as a person, and love teaching others.

My favourite subject in school was English; I loved reading, and I especially loved writing. Creating worlds and moments in time with a few words was something so beautiful and amazing. It was what I jokingly called “real-life magic.”