May 3, 2021

Story Contest: What Does Retirement Mean to You?

The world seems to focus on the differences, and never has that been more apparent than in the past year. We focus on what separates us — whether it be physical distance or differences in opinion. Even within the Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association, it is easy to focus on what you aren’t. Not all of our members live in Alberta, not all are Retired, and many didn’t come from the Teaching profession!

But no matter our differences, we are bonded together by our ability to create connections. Each of our ARTA members served their community throughout their careers with continuous service and dedication and improved the lives of others.

What continues to unite us in ARTA is our common mission of living engaged and active lifestyles in retirement, so this contest is designed to share what unites us, even if we execute it differently!

How to Enter

We want to hear your retirement stories! No, not the story of how you retired, but the story of the retirement you’ve built for yourself! If you’ve got a story related to the month’s topic, we encourage you to share it!

There are two ways to enter:

  1. Email your story to
  2. Post it on social media – use the hashtag #ARTAstory in your description and tag ARTA.

May Topic:

Painting, woodworking, tennis, birding, collecting. Many of us have hobbies and passions that we lost touch with during our busy careers, but retirement offered us the time and energy to rekindle our interest. If that sounds like you, show us how you reconnected with your lost passion, and how it has shaped your lifestyle in retirement.

April Topic:

Retirement doesn’t always mean a life of leisure; some continue to find passion in work. Have you started a new job since you retired from your old one? Maybe you’re working part-time or started a small business selling your homemade wares. Tell us the story of how you got started, and why your work continues to be so meaningful to you.