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September 11, 2020

Winners of the 2020 Photo Contest

Looking Through a Lens

ARTA members stepped up to the challenge and we received a record number of entries to this year’s photo contest, confirming that we have active and engaged members in our association. Our judges are always amazed by the photography talent that our members possess and find it challenging to choose winners from the stellar entries.

Special thanks to our judges Brock Kryton and Jon Havelock for judging for a fourth year in a row. Judging had to be modified this year to maintain physical distancing. Judges viewed the images independently, and the finalists were chosen through group collaboration in a Zoom meeting. While it is nicer to deliberate in person, this way of judging worked out well.

Two new categories were introduced: Dusk ’til Dawn and Computer Enhanced. Nature and Travel categories remained constant as we always receive beautiful pictures in those most popular categories. This year, we allowed members to submit entries as digital images; with physical distancing in effect, we did not want anyone to risk their health in order to print and mail their photos.

The Nature category brought in beautiful images ranging from the Alberta skyline to pelicans soaring through the sky.

We received the most submissions in the Travel category, which is a testament to our members being well-travelled.

In the Computer Enhanced category, it was impressive to see the skills our members have to alter images. Colours were altered, and optical illusions were created.

You could tell that patience was practised in getting the perfect shot in the Dusk ’til Dawn category.

The judges were impressed with the quality of work and shared some helpful tips for next year:

  • Think outside the box, and try to visualize an object, scenery, or people in a different way. Perhaps try zooming in on the reflection of an image in the water.
  • Ensure there is no dead space in the image; the entire picture should be all about the subject matter.

Thank you to all who entered the Photo Contest this year.


First Place

Decorus Lucem
Lou Keresztes

“I try to capture the unique in the everyday. I want my photography to provoke a reaction. I’m always looking for the perfect light, the perfect background, and the perfect detail.”
— Lou Keresztes

Second Place

Egypt Lake Reflection
Lyle Johnson

Honourable Mention

Here’s Ours
Marion Woodman

Honourable Mention

Sweet Joy
Kim Yamashita


First Place

Sunrise in Venice
Lyle Johnson

“My photographic vision is to create images that express my personal interpretation of the scene in front of me using inspirations from books, photographic blogs, and the internet.”
— Lyle Johnson

Second Place

The Watcher in Fez Style
Sue Rees

“I strive to tell stories with my photographs and capture the emotion I experienced at a fleeting moment in time.”
—Sue Rees

Honourable Mention

Erosion on Denman Island, BC
Dennis Buchko

Honourable Mention

The Great Wall
Cathie Aalders Taylor


First Place

Camel Safari: Morocco
Barbara Strand

“I love the creativity of photography — taking an interesting photo, finding an unusual composition, or finding great light. I enjoy going out for quick trips with a friend and working together to capture something on camera.
“When I see something that strikes me, like the light on something, I try to visualize the picture. Sometimes the picture can change in a moment.”
— Barbara Strand

Second Place

Day’s End in YEG
Colleen Sayer

Honourable Mention

Canada Geese at Dusk
Gordon Michon

“One of the joys of photography is finding that special light and freezing it: a captive moment in time.”
— Gordon Michon


First Place

Dunes Abstract
Gerald Osborn

Second Place

Jasper Glory
Colleen Sayer

“This particular location in Jasper is one which is popular with local photographers, but less well-known to the average tourist. Having seen and been inspired by images taken by others, I wanted to challenge myself to capture this scene for myself, hoping to do justice to the majesty of the mountains.”
—Colleen Sayer

Honourable Mention

Low Flying
Gordon Michon Watkins

Honourable Mention

Glen Falls
Marion Woodman