September 7, 2016

Winners of the 2016 Photo Contest

ARTA is pleased to announce the winners, and share the fabulous entries in the 2016 Photo Contest. Congratulations to all of our winners and honourable mentions. The standard of photography is of an extremely high level. All of our entrants produced beautiful photos and the judges had a difficult time with this year’s contest. Well done to all who entered! Robert Holmberg won 2 Honourable Mentions in this year’s contest. Click on the photo entry name to see the photo.

Category A – Canadian Sunset



October Sunset at Carson Pegasus
by Greg Gramlich

Category B – Flora in the Wild


Newfoundlands’ Wild Flower Garden
by Valentina Tkachuk

Category C – Children at Play

(Winner’s photo on the Front cover of news&views autumn 2016 issue!)


Children in Uganda Play the oldest known game
by Martyn Chapman

Category D – Black and White


Seat with a View
by Debra Cairns

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