April 11, 2016

Senior Pets are Great for Senior Citizens

April 11 is National Pet Day. Having a pet is good for your health at any age, but seniors may get special benefits from companion animals. For example, some studies show that an animal in the home can help reduce the loneliness, anxiety, irritability and depression of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Caring for a pet can also provide exercise and companionship. For some seniors, a cat is a good pet choice because they typically require less care than a dog.

Did you know that some pet shelters offer special discounts to senior citizens who adopt senior animals? The Edmonton Humane Society, for example, waives adoption fees for seniors over 60 who adopt older cats. The adopted cats receive a health check, vaccinations, a microchip, and spay or neuter surgery. To learn more about the program, check the EHS website. The City of Calgary also has a Seniors for Seniors adoption program.