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March 21, 2023

Spring 2023 ARTA Bookshelf

Woman In Scarlet book coverWoman in Scarlet by Karen L. Adams. Adams Enterprises, 2019. Memoir. The trail-blazing journey of one of the first female officers in the RCMP. It’s a tale of fun and joy, of struggle and disappointment.

I’m Fine: A Bathroom Book for Seniors by Susan Carter. PageMaster Publication Services, 2022. Memoir. Susan tells sixty‑nine stories that relate to her life. These stories grew out of her ability to laugh at the annoying “senior” things in life.

Critical human Error book coverA Critical Human Error: When Paternity Is Not a Choice by Barbara Glasier. Friesen Press, 2020. Fiction. A heart-warming multi-generational story, part mystery, part affecting romance,
that will tear at your heartstrings and restore your faith in human nature.

Other Side of Morning book coverThe Other Side of Morning by Stephen Goss. Friesen Press, 2022. Historical fiction. Personal triumph, tragedy, political nuance, and the power of one man’s indomitable will: The Other Side of Morning is an immersive journey into pre-colonial India.

ARTA Bookshelf: Anyone interested in reading further is welcome to search out these books through the publishers or other book sellers. While we proudly celebrate our authors, displaying them on the Bookshelf is not an endorsement of any of these books.

With a photo of the book cover, a few publication details, and a 25-word description of the book, ARTA members who are recently published have a chance to share their success with our readers. Send details to nveditor@arta.net.

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