June 23, 2022

Summer 2022 ARTA Bookshelf

Canadian Outdoor Survival Guide by Duane Radford. Canada Book Distributors, 2022. Guidebook. Everyone is responsible for their own safety when travelling in Canada’s outdoors. This book is a practical guide to all things important during outdoor adventures.

Being Bertha: How a Wayward Woman Became a Local Legend by Fran Genereux. Friesen Press, 2017. Biography. Many visitors to Waterton Lakes National Park enjoy hiking the Bertha Lake Trail. Who was Bertha? Why is her name so attached to this area?

The Man with the Notable Face by Jaroslav (Jerry) Petryshyn. Iguana Books, 2022. Crime fiction thriller. An assassination attempt on Stalin and a nasty fight for power in the KGB thirty-three years later leads to intrigue, subterfuge, and murder.

Celebrate the Harvest: A Guide to the Spiritual Needs and Religious Life of Older Adults by Deacon William Bell. Friesen Press, 2022. Nonfiction. This text illustrates that advancing years are a time to be celebrated. The author uses scriptural references, poems, lyrics, and humour to explore the topic.

ARTA Bookshelf: Anyone interested in reading further is welcome to search out these books through the publishers or other booksellers. While we proudly celebrate our authors, displaying them on the Bookshelf is not an endorsement of any of these books.

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