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December 10, 2021

Winter 2021 ARTA Bookshelf

Profile of an Effective School Superintendent by Dale Boddy. Friesen Press, 2021. Non-fiction. Ed Noyce is revealed as a masterful school superintendent. With trust and respect, his team cooperatively developed the directions for their district. Would such leadership work now?

Marky & Grandpa by Alojz Horvat. Self-published, 2021. Children’s. Marky and Grandpa walk everywhere together, and Marky always holds Grandpa’s hand. In the story, Marky navigates grief and loss the year following Grandpa’s death.

Write to for Al Horvat’s contact information.

Cooking with Mom by Rozina Ramji. Litfire Publishing, 2019. Cookbook. Come experience these culinary treasures, a blend of African and East Indian cuisine. These recipes with their exquisite spices will whet your appetite for more.