January 16, 2020

A book that sees bullying in a new way!

Now available, a new young adult fiction novel by K J Sommer. A Shattered New Start takes place in Rabbit Hill Academy, one of two high schools in the town of Aspen Meadows.

Jonathan Winters doesn’t know he is about to have an unimaginable school year. Not only is it his first day in an unfamiliar school, but he encounters Ryan, Rabbit Hill Academy’s notorious bully. His life is never the same from then onward.

Rabbit Hill Academy’s notorious bully, Ryan Bellows, also doesn’t know he is about to have an unimaginable school year. Ryan is an angry teen who regularly returns home from school to an empty house where he fends for himself. His anger builds each time he encounters his inebriated dad and feels abandoned by his mother who works late most days. Ryan releases that pent-up anger by intimidating others, especially Jonathan. He walks around self-assuredly, relishing his torment of others, until the day he is summoned to the principal’s office to find two police officers waiting for him.

You’ll need to read the book to find out why the police officers are there.

Book Information: available on the FriesenPress online Bookstore, Amazon.ca, Amazon.com, iTunes Bookstore, Google Books, and Kobo Bookstore. K J Sommer is a retired school teacher who writes from his experiences as a veteran teacher of 35 years. He also is an avid blogger. For more information on A Shattered New Start and to read his blog, go to sommerseasonallyear.com.