November 26, 2018

Learning Circle

Cold Lake Community Learning Centre (CLCLC) serves adults through:

  • Connecting learners to learning opportunities
  • Providing basic literacy and academic assistance
  • Facilitating courses and work
  • Coordinating English as a Second Language

CLCLC are looking for someone to instruct a Basic Literacy Program for adults with intellectual and/or physical challenges.

The program would run for 10 weeks once a week usually an hour or two depending on activities.

CLCLC pay their instructors $25.00 per hour and upon completion of the program.

Brief Overview of the Learning Circle

Learning Circle s a basic literacy program developed for adults with intellectual and/or physical challenges. During the class, basic reading/writing skills, as well as listening/speaking, is covered. Since there are usually multi-levels of literacy in the group, various activities are completed to help each student succeed.

Activities for reading could vary from finding letters or words in the text while others would read the text on their own. In writing, some learners would copy what was written while others would write their own answers. Listening and speaking skills are not only practised in the social interaction with other’s in the class setting but also by completing activities to strengthen these skills.

At times, basic numeracy is also covered. This too is usually levelled to help learners succeed. Activities could vary from number recognition and counting to reading larger numbers.

Classes are centred around a theme over ten weeks (example-pets). Each week literacy and numeracy activities are completed on the theme (example- dogs, cat, etc). The learners are given the opportunity to choose the themes we would study. Some examples of themes were countries, weather, Olympics, pets.

CLCLC is funded by Alberta Advanced Education