February 1, 2021

Courage Journey – Puppet Self-Portrait Workshop

Join WP Puppet Theatre ONLINE! “VIEW from the Inside” is an 8-week award-winning art program that invites you to create a self-portrait-based puppet in a friendly supportive community.

Thoughtfully sequenced sessions will guide you through the construction of a puppet using a premade mask and various art techniques. It represents your ‘public face’, your connections to the world, and your memories.

Foster confidence and self-discovery through skills building, storytelling, wellness concepts and group discussion. VIEW is part of WP Puppet Theatre’s Courage Journey programming supporting mental health and wellness.

“Everything was special, the whole thing… plus it was great to meet all the other people in the class!”

“From the moment the box of art supplies arrived on my doorstep it led me on a journey of confidence to do more art and play.”  

Participants have the option of Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evenings over 8 weeks on Zoom starting the week of February 22, 2021.

$30 per person OR $50 for two people (for 8 weeks includes supplies)
(Regular $232 – sessions are partially funded by the Government of Canada.)

email: admin@wppuppet.com  or  phone: 403.228.3373