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From Ear to There: How Hearing Work

Let’s be honest: for most people, a lot of what…

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Heart health and hearing: the connection you shouldn’t ignore

We all know it’s important to maintain good heart health….

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Could your hearing loss be holding you back?

It’s summertime! And after a long, cold winter, there’s nothing…

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Do you take your ears for granted? It’s time to celebrate them!

Ears are something we might not give much thought to,…

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Love Your Ears and Everything In Between

When was the last time you showed your ears some…

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Want to prevent hearing loss? Listen up!

Simple ways to protect your ears During those invincible years…

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Dating and hearing loss: making every moment count

Communication is critical for any healthy relationship. Whether it’s a…

Hearing Aid

Heard about the latest in hearing aid technology?

If you’re thinking about exploring the idea of getting a…


8 Key Travelling Tips for Hearing Aid Wearers

For the past year and a half, “travelling” has meant…


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