March 29, 2016

Password Managers Keep Track of Multiple Passwords

Creating a strong password for each of your Internet accounts is one of the best ways to keep those accounts safe from hackers. But what makes a password strong, and how do you keep track of all those passwords?

Strong Passwords

Strong passwords have the following characteristics.

  • They do not contain your real name, your username, your company name or complete words.
  • They are at least eight characters long.
  • They are different for each account you have and are not passwords you used previously.
  • They contain at least one each of uppercase letters, lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

Password Managers

Password managers are a good way to keep track of many complex passwords. These programs serve two functions.

  • They help you randomly create complex passwords that are hard to crack.
  • They store passwords for all your accounts so that you don’t have to remember them all or write them down. The passwords are locked into the manager with a single, super-strong master password that you create and that nobody else knows.

Choosing a Password Manager
An abundance of password managers are available with a range of features. Some are free; others have a fee. PC Magazine offers reviews of both types. Here are the reviews for 2016.
Free Password Managers
Fee-Based Password Manager

For more information on the types of password managers and their features, including reviews and a helpful video on what to look for, check out the Consumer Affairs password manager guide.