May 19, 2016

Choosing a Digital Camera to Suit Your Needs

Do you wonder if it’s time to buy a digital camera? Or have you decided to take the leap but don’t know where to start? You may feel overwhelmed with the types and brands of digital cameras available and unsure how to make the best selection. Thinking about these basic physical and technical features may help.

Physical Features
Camera size and weight are important considerations. Make sure the camera fits comfortably into your hands (not too small or too large) and isn’t too heavy to carry for a long time.

Check the button size. If they’re too small, they can be hard to press without hitting nearby buttons. Buttons should also be large enough that you can see each button’s function clearly. You should also ensure that the placement of the buttons makes them easy to find and press.

Some digital cameras have viewfinders; others don’t, and you use the LCD screen to set up the photos. For those cameras, you hold the camera at arm’s length to use the screen, which may be uncomfortable for your arms. The screen can also be hard to see clearly, especially in bright light.

Technical Features
Compact cameras are small, portable and have simple features. Bridge cameras are larger and have more features. Digital SLRs are the largest, and have the most features including interchangeable lenses. The best choice for you depends on your photography needs and your level of interest in learning multiple complex features.

These three technical features are useful to know about when choosing a camera.

  1. With a macro setting, you can take extreme close-up photos by holding the camera very close to your subject. This is useful for outdoor photos of very small things such as flowers or insects.
  2. An optical zoom lenses brings faraway subjects closer. The available zoom range is 3X to 20X; higher numbers bring subjects closer. If you photograph outdoor scenes or wildlife regularly, a 12X zoom or greater is recommended.
  3. A self-timer delays the shutter release so that you can get into the frame before the camera snaps the picture. If you often take self-portraits or family pics, this tool is a must. These days, most cameras come with a self-timer, but be sure to check before you buy.

These are just a few things to consider when choosing a digital camera that suits your budget and needs. For in-depth information, read more here.