Hearing Aid
January 4, 2022

Heard about the latest in hearing aid technology?

If you’re thinking about exploring the idea of getting a hearing aid, there’s never been a better time. The one-size-fits-all hearing aids our grandparents wore back in the day are definitely not the customized, high-tech solutions you’ll find on the market today.

Don’t let their diminutive size fool you. The new developments in hearing aid technology are huge.

And they can help change your life today.

Want to connect your hearing aid to your smart devices and TV so that you can hear their sound directly through your hearing aids? No problem! Bluetooth device connectivity lets you experience clear, high-quality sound and customize the volume of the program you’re watching so it can be as loud or as quiet as you want, no matter what volume your family members have the TV set to. And just imagine how much better video chats and phone calls are when you don’t have to struggle to hear sound through your computer or phone speakers!

Worried that your tinnitus might be an issue? Nope! New hearing aids now feature tinnitus support settings to help soothe and decrease the annoyance that you might sometimes experience when you have this condition.

Concerned that everything will sound strange and unnatural through your hearing aids? Not anymore! Today’s advanced technology provides a much more natural listening experience thanks to a 360-degree sound experience. You’ll be able to better focus on the sounds directly around or in front of you—the conversations you want to hear and participate in, but may have been missing out on lately.

Higher sound clarity, less whistling feedback, and much less effort trying to understand speech in all kinds of social settings—that’s what you can expect from hearing aids today. They are definitely new and improved.

But of course, hearing aids are about more than just hearing better—now they’re also about making your life as easy and as comfortable as possible, thanks to advances in design, function, and wearability.

If choosing hearing aids with replaceable batteries work for you, great! But did you know there are also models that don’t have any batteries at all? They simply slip into a charging port at night while you’re sleeping. Just 3-4 hours is all it takes for a full charge and better hearing the next day. Best of all, no more buying replacement batteries and tossing out the used ones, which is better for both the environment and your wallet.

For the ultimate convenience, some hearing aids even allow for data communication between the hearing aid and your hearing care professional. You can test new settings in real-time, get your hearing aid programmed and adjusted remotely, and get customized support via video, audio or text without having to leave home.

Wearing hearing aids should never be uncomfortable, and there are different types of hearing aids to choose from so you can make sure to find the one that works best for you. Whether you end up with in-ear or over-the-ear hearing aids can depend on your level of hearing loss, but also on what feels right and suits your style.

A hearing assessment can help determine the level of hearing loss you’re living with, and that’s a great starting point when determining what type of hearing aid will make your life better, easier, and more comfortable.

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