Allianz Fall 2021
September 9, 2021

Comfort in the Moments that Matter

When planning a trip, looking after certain details beforehand can make it feel like you have been wrapped in a warm embrace. The same should be true when it comes to the attention you receive if the unexpected happens while you’re away. As your travel insurance provider, Allianz Global Assistance is an experienced companion you can count on for expert assistance, guided care, and support. With Allianz at your side, you can feel safe and secure from the beginning to the end of your journey.

Easing You into Safe Travels

Before you leave, Allianz provides you with

  • knowledgeable pre-trip assistance to help you prepare for a great trip;
  • pre-screening and recommendations for local hospitals before you leave to help ensure you receive quality treatment in an emergency;
  • easy-to-access country-specific information available online that prepares you to navigate a medical emergency at your destination.

Blanketing You in Care

Once on your journey, Allianz

  • is there 24/7/365 with a calm, caring, reassuring voice if you need emergency assistance;
  • refers you to the most accessible and appropriate medical care at your destination based on your unique health-care needs;
  • connects you with Virtual Care from a physician via video or teleconference when appropriate;
  • maintains a worldwide network of over 900,000 trusted physicians and hospitals;
  • efficiently navigates the health-care system in the region you’re visiting on your behalf;
  • closely monitors your treatment plans to ensure you’re receiving the right level of care;
  • arranges direct billing for your treatment whenever possible, so you can avoid out-of-pocket expenses;
  • keeps you and your loved ones in touch;
  • coordinates arrangements for your safe return home if necessary.

Wrapping Up Your Experience Seamlessly

Allianz makes it easy to submit claims securely, smoothly, and efficiently from a mobile device or any browser via Allianz’s online claims portal at

Eligible claims for online submission include trip cancellation, interruption, and delay as well as out‑of-pocket emergency medical expenses.

Allianz Global Assistance Coverage and COVID-19

If you must travel while Canadian government COVID-19 advisories are in effect for your destination, our COVID-19 Insurance and Assistance Plan is available to help protect you. It is important to ensure that you also have emergency hospital and medical coverage in place through your ARTA plan for unexpected situations.

Your health and safety remain our priority. As with every trip, travellers are encouraged to review and follow Government of Canada travel advisories at

Due to the pandemic, also be sure to check any requirements for returning to Canada using the ArriveCAN app. Learn more at