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June 27, 2016

Finding Country-Specific Travel Information

When you’re making travel plans, one of the first decisions you need to make is where to go. Sometimes this decision is easy because you plan to explore a place you’ve been before or to visit a friend of family member.

But other times, you start with only a vague idea of where you might like to go… or you’ve heard of a place that sounds interesting, but you don’t know very much about it.

These situations are where Global Affairs Canada’s Country and Region Information Pages come in. These pages are arranged in alphabetical order by country, and they provide in-depth and interesting information on each country that can help you learn more before you choose where to travel and give you practical tips to help you prepare for the trip once your booking is made. They can also be useful if you need assistance once you’ve arrived at your destination.

On these country pages, you can find travel advice on these types of topics.

  • climate
  • culture
  • entry and exit requirements
  • health
  • security
  • laws
  • Canadian embassy or consular services locations

If you wish to explore this resource when planning your next away-from-home adventure, you can find the Country and Region Information Pages here.