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June 22, 2022

Finding Your Ideal Travel Adventure in 2022

After a year of limited travel opportunities, Canadians are getting ready to explore the world. Check out some trends in travel we are starting to see for 2022.

After two years of staycations and time to think about where to go next, 2022 is proving to be a huge rebound year for travel. We are seeing a lot of bookings for 2022 and beyond at Collette as travellers are itching to get back on the road! With restrictions loosening worldwide and an end to pre-admission COVID testing for fully vaccinated Canadians, it’s time to get back out there.

Deep Dives into America and Beyond

In the face of unprecedented travel restrictions, Canadian travellers revelled in the opportunity to see what they could discover within North America, and that trend is continuing. A new report from lifestyle and news publication Vancouver is Awesome stated that the number one travel destination for Canadians in 2022 is the United States, with Italy coming in second.

A “2022 Travel Trends” report from an online travel agency projected that, regardless of where Canadians decide to travel, they are searching for an enriching experience on the road. The agency referred to this in their report as the GOAT mindset, or Greatest Of All Trips, and sixty-one per cent of Canadians were looking to take that great trip in 2022. Another agency polled travellers in Canada and around the world and found the following:

  • Sixty-two per cent of polled travellers plan to take two to four trips in 2022.
  • Sixty-four per cent plan to spend more money on domestic travel in 2022.
  • Seventy-two per cent plan to spend more money on international travel than they did last year.

Enjoy Time Outside

In the last year, trips that connected travellers with the great outdoors were some of the most popular. According to a report from the World Travel & Tourism Council, that will continue.

Both the WTTC report and the report cited above said they expect travellers will continue gravitating to some beachy locales. Places like Maui, Hawaii, and even Gatlinburg, Tennessee, are top-searched destinations in the United States. While outdoor trips in America are hot, many other international destinations celebrate nature and continue to be top performers. Costa Rica remains a top seller across the industry for 2022, as does a destination with a cold, volcanic sand beach: Iceland!

The WTTC “Trending in Travel” report has some fascinating findings about outdoor travel in 2022:

  • Fifty-two per cent of travellers say they are more likely to take an outdoor trip now than they were prior to the pandemic.
  • Forty-seven per cent of polled travellers want to experience nature on their next trip.

Look for tours that showcase the best of the outdoors and nature. For a breath of fresh air this year, consider these options: feel the sand between your toes on a beach; look out over the mountains of the southeastern US; enjoy game drives searching for wildlife across the African grasslands; read a book under rustling palms on a private beach.

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